"The trip of a lifetime! Impeccable crew, perfect organization, beautiful landscapes under and above water, new friends, incredible wildlife. My eyes and my heart are full for a very long time. Thank you Pato, Fernando, Victor and the entire crew for taking care of us and sharing this wonderful place with all of us. Also special thanks to Dave for finding our lost luggage!"

Stephanie Loubat

"Bilikiki is much more than a great dive boat with a fantastic crew sailing the remote Solomon Islands and discovering new and beautiful dive sites; it's a social enterprise of sorts, providing seeds to locals who grow and sell fresh produce to the boat, simultaneously improving the health, nutrition, and economic well-being of villages while securing a source of high quality food for guests. Thank you Tina, Oli, the crew, and the people of the communities we visited."

Thane Kreiner

"I have been on many Bilikiki trips over the past eight years, and I will keep going back again and again. I’ve dived in more than 15 countries and have been on dozens of liveaboards but this is definitely my favourite. The diving is amazing and I love how diverse it is. There are sharks and schooling barracuda and big stuff but also beautiful soft corals and amazing macro life- Pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish, nudis etc. Wall dives, cave dives, drift dives, night dives- all top notch. Unlike so many other places there is almost no pollution and you will never be at dive sites with other boats. The boat is very comfortable and the lovely crew are skilled and always helpful. Food is delicious- I’m a vegetarian and I always feel well looked after. Could not recommend the Bilikiki highly enough!"

Joanna O'Shea

"I can't think of a better way to spend 12 days than on board Bilikiki. It is absolutely spectacular diving amongst healthy corals, colorful fishes, stunning caves, cuts, WW2 wrecks, even muck diving with exotic species in sand and seagrass. Plenty of macro and adrenaline dives too, with sharks, mobulas and big schools of jacks and barracudas. None of this is possible without the most awesome, most hardworking crew, who seemed to know our every desire before we could ask, and a well-run dive op made even better by the goodhearted cruise directors, Tina & Oli. Top it all off with a comfortable boat, tasty meals from the chef and locally grown fresh fruits and veggies brought to the boat almost daily by local Solomon Islanders in dugout canoes, and you have the Bilikiki experience! Kellie, one of the boat's affable owners, joined us, finding time to dive, take video, certify crew in advanced dive training and point stuff out underwater after having already made our booking process so easy and accommodating. Our group was so enthusiastic by the end of our cruise, they were begging for more! Well, they say all good things must come to an end, and we left reluctantly, but we look forward to the day when Bilikiki once again becomes our home, even for just a little while."

Karen Doby

"Just really, really, really enjoyed our trip!!! We really fell in love with Pato and Fernando. They did an excellent job guiding us! The crew is as good as it gets!!! Friendly and the hardest working guys. They made diving absolutely effortless. The food was delicious and the beds were very comfortable. I’m so happy with everything. All in all absolutely wonderful!!!"

Darlene Myers

"I have just returned from a 10 night stay on board the Bilikiki. It was my first trip on the Bilikiki however friends we were with have been 3 or 4 times because they just can't get enough!. We all left knowing we had just experienced something really special and made life long memories. This was all made possible by the incredible crew + managers (Pato and Fernando) and the spectacular location. It is easy to tell that everyone who works on the Bilikiki genuinely love what they do, they go above and beyond to ensure all guests feels at home during their stay and are able to experience the best diving possible. Unlike many other diving locations around the world, the Bilikiki is one of the only boats that frequents the Solomon Islands, we saw 1 small sail boat the entire trip. There is hardly any pollution and the coral is in very good condition and the fish life is abundant. We saw lots of reef sharks, eagle rays, cuttle fish, huge schools of barracuda, pigmy seahorse, an assortment of nudibranchs and even a salt water crocodile!. The food was a highlight, every single meal was delicious, we were treated to yellow fin tuna caught right off the boat, lobster, chilli mud crab, fresh pineapple salads, lovely curries/pastas, not to mention desert (lime cheesecake, pavlova, brownies, profiteroles etc) it is hard to stop eating!. We also got to visit a few different island villages and have the opportunity to purchase wood carvings made by the islanders. There is a strong respect between the Bilikiki and the villages that live on the dive sites. All the fresh fruit and vegetables that went into our meals were purchased directly from the locals!. If you are looking for a unique experience in a relatively untouched part of the world then I can't recommend the Bilikiki enough, thank you to the whole team who made the trip so wonderful, I hope we can come back soon!."

Pearl Corker

"My bucket list trip. Outstanding crew and service. Superb diving. Stable and comfortable vessel and accommodations. The chefs do a marvellous job, even catering to vegan and gluten free diets. Can't say enough good things about them. Just do it!"

Fred Catella

"I did my 1000th dive on my second trip on the Bilikiki. Last time was in 2005 and then I thought it was the best liveaboard I had been on. It still is. The boat is immaculate, all the crew know their jobs and go the extra mile with everything and the dive sites are memorable and in superb condition."

Alex Davids

"Just got back from a 10 day trip on Bilikiki with Tina and Oli. The whole Bilikiki team made our trip a memorable one, despite the temperamental weather. Tina and Oli's enthusiasm was infectious... ...Tina's determination to 'conduct' the fish life will remain long in the memory!!! Many thanks to everyone who made this dive trip well worth the long flights from the U.K."

Jonathan Rose

"If I could rate them 6 stars I would!!! Amazing boat, crew, food and diving."

Brett Lobwein

"Second time and still finding new sights to see! Wonderful trip well worth the effort....."

Reed Nescher

"I had an amazing 10 nights onboard the Bilikiki! The dive sites were so diverse and so beautiful, we had some amazing encounters with wildlife, the crew are phenomenal and have so much energy and enthusiasm for what they do, and lastly it is so well organized and run which allowed us to dive to our hearts content. The dive deck is spacious and well sorted making suiting up and getting back on the boat so easy. We will be heading back next year!"

Lauren Thomas

"Always a great time on the Bilikiki. Spectacular diving, excellent food and an amazing crew. One of the best laid out boats I've been diving on."

Mike Aitken