"Bilikiki is much more than a great dive boat with a fantastic crew sailing the remote Solomon Islands and discovering new and beautiful dive sites; it's a social enterprise of sorts, providing seeds to locals who grow and sell fresh produce to the boat, simultaneously improving the health, nutrition, and economic well-being of villages while securing a source of high quality food for guests. Thank you Tina, Oli, the crew, and the people of the communities we visited."

Thane Kreiner

"Always a great time on the Bilikiki. Spectacular diving, excellent food and an amazing crew. One of the best laid out boats I've been diving on."

Mike Aitken

"My bucket list trip. Outstanding crew and service. Superb diving. Stable and comfortable vessel and accommodations. The chefs do a marvellous job, even catering to vegan and gluten free diets. Can't say enough good things about them. Just do it!"

Fred Catella

"Just got back from a 10 day trip on Bilikiki with Tina and Oli. The whole Bilikiki team made our trip a memorable one, despite the temperamental weather. Tina and Oli's enthusiasm was infectious... ...Tina's determination to 'conduct' the fish life will remain long in the memory!!! Many thanks to everyone who made this dive trip well worth the long flights from the U.K."

Jonathan Rose

"If I could rate them 6 stars I would!!! Amazing boat, crew, food and diving."

Brett Lobwein

"Second time and still finding new sights to see! Wonderful trip well worth the effort....."

Reed Nescher

"I had an amazing 10 nights onboard the Bilikiki! The dive sites were so diverse and so beautiful, we had some amazing encounters with wildlife, the crew are phenomenal and have so much energy and enthusiasm for what they do, and lastly it is so well organized and run which allowed us to dive to our hearts content. The dive deck is spacious and well sorted making suiting up and getting back on the boat so easy. We will be heading back next year!"

Lauren Thomas